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Carin Clegg

Dietitian and Personal Trainer

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Eating is the most complex task we do daily and eating a healthy diet is by no means an easy feat.  Healthy eating is a juggling and balancing act involving all our senses, hunger and satiety regulation, changing taste preferences, emotions, social, economic and cultural influences, meal planning, organisation, time management, cooking skills, shopping skills, food knowledge, gardening know how, changing nutrition requirements with age, lifestyle and health conditions and much, much more!

With all this in mind, the most valuable thing you can do is consult an expert in eating habits, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, to help you find the best way of eating for you.  

We would be thrilled to help you and your family unlock the power of food so you can feel bright in every sense of the word.   

We believe a bright diet nourishes your body, giving you the right amounts of nutrients needed to feel energised.

A bright diet means having a good understanding about the types and amounts of food you eat and how this impacts your health and well-being.

It is eating all foods in moderation and balancing it out by moving your body in a fun way also for good mental health.

A bright diet inspires others to eat well and nourish their bodies showing love, care and respect.

We all know that there is never a one diet or one therapy fits all approach and actually making changes that stick is really difficult.   We will listen to your needs, offer support, understanding and help you to make a plan and put in place changes to your eating to meet your desired goals.  We will help you unlock that motivation you need for success in not only your diet but your physical health as well.    

If optimal health and well-being is important to you and you are ready to revolutionise your eating and fitness to live the life you desire,  book your appointment or call 0407 492 278 today. 





Find out how to eat better for not only your health but for the health of the planet. Further details coming soon.

 June 8th, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain

June 8th, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain


PERMCULTURE CENTRAL COAST- Making Ecofriendly bags

CC Permaculture.jpg

Members information night - varous talks including Making Eco-friendly Bags by Carin Clegg.

6pm, Tugerah Hall, Tuggerah


WOYTOPIA- Cut Food Bills- Zero Waste Kitchen

Come along to Wytopia to celebrate sustainable living.

At 12:00pm Carin will be talking on saving money, eating healthy and Earth-friendly .


A series of Seminars hosted by Central Coast Dietitians for health professionals


GUT BACK TO BASICS - for health professionals

Learn how important Dietitians are in your patient's healthcare and quality of life.
Understand how integral the role of nutrition is in gut health
Get to know your local Dietitians


Jodie Shereton : Dietitian Consultation - the Patient Experience
Sean Stecko : Gut Health
Carin Clegg : Nutritional management of IBS

Tickets available at here

Date: Thursday, 27th September,     Time: 6pm

Location: Mingara Medical Centre - The Pod



Changing to Plant Based Eating Talk

by Carin Clegg

Changing to a plant based diet and way of life is a journey with lots of barriers along the way. Carin will give some practicle tips to successufully change to a plant based diet and talk about moving through those barriers.










 june 9th 2018, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain

june 9th 2018, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain

 June 9th 2018, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain

June 9th 2018, Harvest Festival, Mangrove Mountain



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