Make your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

At this time of year almost everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions in one form or another, but more often than not, most people do not achieve what they set out to achieve.


If your New Year's Resolutions involve becoming healthier, losing weight or being fitter you need to understand that:

1.      These big goals are broken down into lots of smaller lifestyle changes.

2.      Making lifestyle changes a reality is actually really difficult.  

3.      You will need more support than what you realise.  


Now in order to achieve these big goals there are some evidence-based principles and processes that, as a Dietitian, I use for all my clients to help them reach their goals.


Unfortunately, the weight loss and 'dieting' industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that essentially sells us a lie. All those 'magic' quick fix diet books, pills, and shakes do not work long term, and often make us worse off physically, emotionally, nutritionally and health-wise. 


Because our diets are such an integral part of our health the best thing you can do for your health is to see a Dietitian to work through the process of successfully achieving your goals. 


I want everyone to be clever about their eating and health so they can live life to the fullest.  


First, we need to assess the whole situation- diet, medical and social factors. Then we break down the issues and focus on one thing at a time as all these things add up to affect our overall diet and then health:

- Being mindful of your eating

- Making better food choices and reading labels

- Being aware and getting back in control of your natural hunger signals

- Tackling emotional eating and sugar cravings

- Increasing metabolic rate to burn fat

- Portions

- Meal planning and organisation

- Managing eating away from home and the list goes on . . .


Then there is all the education, planning and problem solving to work through the barrage of barriers and also finding your motivators and staying motivated.


It may seem like a long, slow process but this is what works and it is definitely possible for anyone who has the commitment to attend appointments and work through the process.   Slow and steady wins the race!


Little by little, all these small changes will add up and by the end of 2019 you will have achieved so much, made new habits more normal and feel so much better and even be quite proud of yourself. 


If you are ready to keep working on your eating habits and health to make your New Year's Resolutions a reality, we would love to help you. Book your appointment today by calling 0407 492 278 .