I have helped many people with various levels of ability to gain the benefits of improving their diet. From weight gain and texture modified diets to weight management, heart health and diabetes.  I can help you and your carer’s understand how food affects your body and help you make some healthy changes.

I offer individualised pictured and laminated meal plans with copies for all carers as well as various other tools to help you achieve a healthy diet such as individually tailored motivation charts and a pictured shopping list. 

I am an NDIS approved Provider for both Dietitian consults and Personal Training sessions.  Please make contact to find out what is required in your NDIS plan.

Fussy Eating 

With training in the fussy eating SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach, I can offer some practical tips you can use to help your child progress to a wider and more nutritionally balanced diet including foods the whole family eats. 

I find too many times diet is not considered early enough for the reasons behind fussy eating behaviours, particularly in those people who have difficulty expressing how they feel.  With my diet detective skills I can help to identify any underlying issues around why your child is fussy and direct you to the appropriate investigations.  This may also include Elimination diets if all other medical causes have been ruled out or there is a strong indication food may be contributing.


Autism and ADHD diets

Gluten and casein free diets as well as additive free diets are a popular concept these days.    In recent research  if food is suspected to play a role ( ie for food intolerant individuals), there are gut symptoms involved (diarhoea, constipation, boating or pain) and wheat or dairy are suspect, the person happens to be a very sensitive individual and is highly likely reacting to a multitude of other food triggers.  In my experience when the diet is right a whole host of things can improve- mood and behaviour, concentration and learning, sleep, headaches, energy, gut symptoms (reflux, pain, bloating, IBS etc) rashes, hives, blocked or runny noses etc,

I will take into account all the food components a person can be intolerant to and help you modify your child’s diet to suit their needs. This may involve varying levels of Elimination diets depending on the foods your child can eat and their individual situation.


Group homes, Day programs, Work place talks

I offer nutrition education sessions to staff regarding healthy eating, shopping and cooking.