The Catch- Sheer determination and fearlessness in achieving the goal. You too can achieve great things!

The Catch- Sheer determination and fearlessness in achieving the goal. You too can achieve great things!

Keeping your diet in check with a Dietitian and getting tailored exercise guidance from a Personal Trainer is the best thing you can do to look after yourself and feel great! 

However nothing whorthwhile is ever easy. Working with a Dietitian or Personal Trainer is not just a once off visit.  It involves investing time and energy outside the appointments and commitment in attending review appointments for reassessment, education and support over months to years to see results you desire.  Whether it is beating your personal best in your sport, running after your grand children or managing your health conditions. You can make it happen with the right support.

We also understand addressing your eating habits can be an emotional journey so please remember we are here to support you, not judge you.

As a preventative health care measure it is much easier, more enjoyable, rewarding, life enhancing, as well as more time and cost effective in the long term than managing chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes which involve attending many specialist appointments (endocrinologists, cardiologists etc as well as a dietitian and exercise specialist) and taking medications.  If already diagnosed, early dietary and exercise management will greatly minimise disease progression and the need for more medications.

If you want that commitment to achieve the results you desire please consider our nutrition consult and training packages.



Nutrition Consults

An initial nutrition consult involves a nutrition assessment, receiving evidence based nutrition advice and goal setting to help you put dietary changes into practise.  Review consults will assess the progress you have made, give you further support and education about how to make changes to your diet to help you reach your health and lifestyle goals. Phone consults are also available.



1 ½ hour Consult:                                                    $165

1 hour Consult :                                                        $110

½ hour Consult:                                                   $65




Optimise Your Health Package                                                        

Understand the role diet and exercise plays in your health

Learn how to make sustainable changes to your eating for optimal health, vitality and happiness, to prevent or manage weight, diabetes or heart health.

Get the support and motivation to create a plan of action to achieve your diet, exercise and lifestyle goals

Package includes a 1 hour Initial Dietetic Consult plus 6 x 60 minute reviews.


Revolutionise Your Diet Package:                            

Gain a deep insight into the finer details of the what, when, where, how much and why you eat.

Learn how to get back in tune with your natural hunger, stop over eating and discover a love for food that nourishes your body and helps you feel good about yourself and maximise your metabolism to burn fat and get your body back to it’s natural heathy weight.

Develop a renewed sense of control over your eating so you never waste your time, energy and money going on a ‘diet’ again.


NB 80-90% of people put on more weight than when they started out 5 years later after ‘dieting.’ Our approach is not a ‘diet’ rather a lifestyle change so we address your eating problems ie portions, label reading, meal timings, planning and the reasons why you eat certain unhelpful foods or over-indulge.

Package includes 1 hour Initial Dietetic Consult plus 6 x 1 hour reviews


Find Relief from Food Intolerance Package                    

Stop the confusion and understand the role food plays in your symptoms.

Be guided through the diagnostic test diet to get the definitive answers you have been searching for.

Gain back control of your life by managing your symptoms with diet long term by finding that balance between feeling well and enjoying the food you love.

Package includes 1.5  hour Initial Dietetic Consult plus 5 x 1 hour reviews and RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook and email support.


Combat Fussy Eating Package                                                    

Gain a better understanding about why your child has limited food choices

Get support to ensue they are meetng their nutrition requirments for healthy growth

Learn how to teach your child to eat a wider range of foods stress free.

Package includes 1 hour Initial Dietetic Consult plus 6 x 1 hour reviews


Disability Package:                                                                 

Funding as per NDIS. Please make contact for futher information



Private Health funds

Most private health funds provide rebates for visits to Dietitians.  Please contact your private health fund to ask about your plan. 



Medicare Rebates

 Medicare provides rebates ($52.95 per session) for 5 allied health professional visits (including Dietitians) per calendar year for people with a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan. This plan needs to be completed by the GP and brought to your Dietitian appointment. If you wish to have a 30 minute initial consult please advise when booking your appointment. 



Cancellation policy

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment as a courtesy for other clients.  To avoid the cancellation fee a clinic consultation can be arranged later the same day if there is an appointment slot available in person or by phone. The cancellation fee is the full fee of cost of the appointment