Carin Clegg - Director

Carin Clegg completed a Bachelor of Science, Nutrition with Honours from the University of Sydney in 2004.  She has been an Accredited Practising Dietitian and an active member of the Dietitians Association of Australia since 2005. 


Early on in her career Carin worked in Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales obtaining a good grounding in all medical nutrition therapies in the hospital and community setting.  Travelling overseas to the United Kingdom she directed her career focus towards paediatrics and allergies. Whilst completing the British Dietetic Association Course; Paediatric Dietetics Module 1: Paediatrics in Infancy and Childhood and the Anaphylaxis Campaign’s Health Professional Allergy Management Course she worked in one stop allergy clinics, paediatric hospital wards and in the community running fussy eating groups, weaning groups and cooking classes.


Carin worked at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit with the team that originally developed the RPAH Elimination diet, the gold standart test method to diagnose food intolerance..  Over the past 30 years they have been perfecting it’s application as a diagnostic tool to identify food chemicals one is intolerant to and tailoring individualised diets to help clients manage their symptoms better. Carin was also involved with the team to conduct the food allergy and intolerance lecture workshops for university dietetics students.


Carin also worked at the Department of Family and Community Service developing the disability dietetic service with clients who have an intellectual disability such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She gained training in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to feeding and collaborated with the Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to create an SOS based feeding clinic for fussy eaters.  Carin also developed the Australia’s Healthy Weight Week for People with Disability Program to tailor the original DAA’s Healthy Weight Week campaign to the disability community. 


Carin understands how hard it is these days to get the right balance in life which is why she completed her fitness training, holding a Cetificate III and IV in Fitness to become a Personal Trainer.

Carin is a greenie at heart, zipping her way towards a zero waste lifestyle and an active member of the Climate and Health Advocacy NSW facebook group.  Bright Diets aims to be eco-friendly in as many ways as possible by implementing the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as well as advocating for change by being involved in various community groups, running workshops and selling eco-friendly products. .  Carin believes this way of living is not only better for the planet but builds positive food values and knowledge essential to eating a healthy diet. 

Clare Patch

Clare Patch is an accredited practising dietitian and accredited nutritionist with additional training in relationship counselling and public health. Clare originally qualified as a registered dietitian and home economist in New Zealand, working in busy Auckland hospitals as a clinical dietitian.

Clare has always believed that prevention is better than cure, so she emigrated to South Australia in 1985 to gain experience in community nutrition, then public health. A research position with power station workers on the Central Coast NSW brought Clare to the east coast where she continues to happily reside with her family. Clare gained experience managing the community nutrition team and eventually the nutrition and dietetics department at Central Coast Local Health District.

While on family leave Clare took the opportunity to train as a counsellor and partnered in a family fruit and vegetable delivery business.

Clare is passionate about working with people to achieve their full potential. She has run numerous recovery and educational groups in her local community. Currently Clare is a case manager at Destiny Haven, Clarence Town as part of a residential life skills programme for women. She also conducts whole food cooking, conscious eating and fermenting classes with the Picked Pepper Cooking School.

Our food system has changed dramatically in the last few decades. The plethora of nutrition information has caused much consumer confusion. Clare partners with individuals and family groups to determine the best sustainable eating pattern for good health. Her interests include: family nutrition, lifestyle medicine, health at every size, mindful eating and gut health.

Clare loves sitting around the table with family and friends enjoying a home cooked meal. Her garden is her sanctuary where Clare delights in growing vegetables and herbs for the family.

Nicky Bonnefin

After training with The University of Newcastle, Nicky received an internationally recognised Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours).


Nicky is a dedicated Accredited Practising Dietitian and is passionate about helping others enjoy a healthy lifestyle, increase quality of life, energy levels and prevent diseases by adopting individualised eating patterns and creating a positive relationship with food.


Additionally, Nicky is skilled in health coaching, and works with people of all ages to find personal motivation for healthy changes, assisting them to set achievable, enjoyable and sustainable nutrition goals.


Nicky has several roles within community health education programs, including the NSW Government's Go4Fun program, the Jamie Oliver Learn Fruit and Veg program and The Wholesome Collective.  


Outside of her dietetic roles, you’ll find Nicky outdoors, cooking or with family and friends.